Working in a unique & integrative way to facilitate healing on all levels

My aim is to help people find clarity, balance & meaning in their lives through the wonderful transformative modalities listed below, often weaving in a variety of disciplines in any one session:

  • Wiseway Readings - helping you to connect with the underlying energies/patterns at work in your life, giving clarity & direction in such areas as life purpose, direction, career, relationships and wellbeing.

  • Angelic Reiki - a gentle & powerful healing that connects you to the angelic realm, working in a deep and profound way.

  • Emotional Freedom Technique - to release negative emotional & mental states, engrained patterns of behaviour, phobias and PTSD.

Please click ​modality (underlined) for further information.

Please note that I offer the sessions in-person and on Skype or other social media platforms.

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