EFT:  “The treatment was really helpful at identifying and shifting a crucial emotional reaction, which has been having a negative impact on my life for the last 23 years. As a result other emotional reactions now make complete sense. I would highly recommend Kathy as an EFT practitioner.”  

Muna - Social Services.

Angelic Reiki:   "Just spent a wonderful three days receiving Angelic Reiki attunements with Kathy Johnson of Wiseway. 
Angelic Reiki was far and beyond what I was expecting. Kathy’s experience, wisdom and guidance helped me feel safe, protected and confident during the attunement process. I know it will expand and develop my personal healing journey. I look forward to deepening my relationship with the angelic realms. Thank you, Kathy."  Sue Hall, Earth Wisdom

Tarot Tuition:  "I have just completed a 1-2-1 Tarot reading course with Kathy at Wiseway. She is an amazing teacher. Her knowledge of the tarot and astrology is really impressive. She is patient, takes time to figure out your strengths and weaknesses as a learner, and explains things in a way you will understand. And I have to say she is one of the best teachers I have ever had (and that includes school, professional training and university)! Highly recommended."  Irene Elliott - So Shiatsu

Astrology:  "Kathy gave me a reading at the end of last year, which as it was for most, was probably the most challenging year of my life! Her wisdom, clarity and insight was hugely inspiring and helpful.  What was really unique was how Kathy then helped me integrate and make sense of the information I received so I could apply it to my life.  Kathy weaves in many skills and made the reading incredibly holistic and healing, I would highly recommend booking a session with her."     

Vic Cooper (Victoria Cooper Therapies) 2020

Astrology:  "I have had several astrology sessions with Kathy which have, without exception, been really helpful and insightful. This session addressed difficulties I felt I had in connecting to spirit. Through the Astrology Kathy was able to pick up on past lives where I had been too open - this resulted in being cast out in one case and death through self starvation in the other. Amazingly these two lives had cropped up in previous sessions with different practitioners! We then did the Light Matrix work and I was astounded by the insights and strong emotions I got. In one life I had been exiled by people I had tried to help and in the other I was a nun who had used starvation as a way to find God. Both lives had left me feeling disappointed and let down by God. I then felt energy running up and down my body and my eyes filled with tears. Something definitely shifted! It was a powerful and wonderful experience and Kathy is incredibly supportive and professional."  Sara Gilbert, Artist

"I realised the other day just how pivotal Kathy's insights have been in my life. Using the many skills at her disposal such as EFT, Matrix, Tarot and Astrology she has helped me to gain a much greater degree of self awareness. On several occasions I have had life changing 'Ah Ha' moments which have been great turning points for me. Kathy is able to tailor her methods to suit the individual no matter what questions or problems you may have. I cannot recommend her highly enough."     Rosie - Art Teacher

"Loved my astrology readings I had with Kathy
I first had a natal chart reading done in May this year following a recommendation from a friend which was amazing and so accurate, I couldn't believe it. I was given so much interesting information which I still listen to today. I love the fact you get to keep a recording of the session so you can listen back to it any time.
Because I loved the reading so much I had my solar return reading done a few days before my birthday in July as a gift to myself.
That was amazing to and has shown me what path I am on at the moment and for how long. Its mind blowing I love love love my readings and I will book a solar return reading with Kathy next year as its really helped me with focus and direction
Thank you Kathy you are a beautiful soul"             Sara Hares @eftexperience