The theory behind Reflexology is that different parts of the body are connected to various reflex points on the feet and hands. These areas are massaged to clear zonal pathways and the meridians, helping the body/mind to find equilibrium.  This treatment is gentle, powerful and safe.

Reflexology can be helpful for many conditions including:  

  • Reducing stress and anxiety.

  • Increased wellbeing.

  • Hormonal problems and fertility issues.

  • Detoxification.

  • Pain relief.

  • Sleep problems.

  • Circulatory problems.

  • Increased immunity.

  • Long term health conditions.

What to expect from a treatment

Treatments take place mainly on a couch, but you can be seated on a chair if necessary, remaining fully clothed, keeping warm and comfortable.  Hot stones may be placed on your body - if not contraindicated.  

On the first appointment a full medical case history is taken and contraindications ascertained.

Other healing modalities such as the use of flower essences and Reiki may be used in any one treatment.


The treatment will take 45 minutes.  Allow 1 hour for the whole process.

The first consultation will take 1 hour 15 minues.

Price £40

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