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Going through treacle...a necessary pause

Updated: Apr 25

I don't know about you, but this is how the current climate feels.

The planetary 'heavy weights' are yeilding there mighty force, to cast light onto shadow, to help us let go of what we no longer need, both individually and collectively. In particular the planets Pluto and Saturn, which currently sit together in the skies in the earth sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is goal focused, liking stability and conformity. Both planets are hard taskmasters and are connected with endings, the shadow side of life and getting to the truth of the matter. With the lockdown we have more time for reflection and to become aware of our own shadow side, the darkness that resides within us all. The planet Uranus sits in Taurus, Taurus is another earth sign and values tradition and security; Uranus urges us to reform, rebelling if necessary. Can you see a pattern here? The transforming outer planets (Pluto and Uranus) changing systems and structures?

With the earth element, we can get too attached to tradition, security and 'carrying on' as we always have done. As most of us are aware, this just isn't working for our beautiful planet. Pluto and Saturn can both trigger fear and anxiety, in what can be the serious, responsibility laden sign of Capricorn. But I feel responsibility and responding to, are what are at the heart of this matter. In other words we have to take responsibility as a human race for our home, the earth.

Maybe this is a good time to remember that there is a well known spiritual truth, being that there are only two states - LOVE and FEAR, and therefore to go easy on ourselves right now, as fear will bring up all kinds of issues and 'stuff' and we can then start to believe in the illusion, i.e. that the feelings, thoughts, darkness are us. As humans, if our survival is threatened, we are capable of all kinds of acts, from the darkest to the kindest. The base chakra which lies at the bottom of the spine, is the energy centre in the body which is activated by fear, it is associated with the element of earth (which as talked about before, is a predominant element now) and is connected with survival....let us think about the toilet roll and bulk buying sagas! The base chakra energy wants to connect to the tribe and wants to 'belong' - we could link this to the 8pm clapping for the NHS and the evident reaching out to others that is happening in our communities. Astologically this year, there is a predominance of the earth and water elements, which can become boggy. A good exercise is to connect energetically to the abundant energy within the earth and to focus on nature, and therefore the natural abundance all around us, having a mantra of 'there is enough, I am enough".

We could look at aeriating the soil and stoking our inner fires. For example lighting a fire, singing, exercising...whatever rocks your boat! And heed the positives of the earth element, being in nature and living moment by moment.

If you would like to understand what this planetary activity is triggering off in your natal chart or if you would like a Tarot or Rune reading to gain insight, ask any questions and find ways of moving forward, please feel free to email me to find out more about what a session entails or book a session.

The Empress below is from Herbal Tarot. Ruled by Venus, the Goddess of beauty and wealth. The card is about creativity and abundance and as we are now in the Earth sign of Taurus, reminds of the natural abundance around us.

The Berkana rune is related to Spring, to mother, nurturing and rebirth.

You may like to focus on these images with the NEW MOON in mind, which takes place on Thursday the 23rd of April - a fantastic time to set an intention of what you would like to manifest. What seeds do you want to sow in your life? This new moon is in the sign of Taurus, relating to wealth, productivity and security.


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