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Change - a message to self

From a cold, dark and blustery day yesterday to bright, energizing sun today - what a difference a day makes - things do change! And we are close to the Winter Solstice - the shortest day of the year on 21 December, meaning Spring is literally around the corner. Ok, we do have January and February to go, a reminder that we have more reflective time ahead, and a real need to look after ourselves...and let any seeds of ideas that we wish to manifest, start to take hold.

What do we want to create for 2018 - it is a master number, i.e. 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11/2. 11 is a number of illumination, its root being 2 is a number of sensitivity and polarity - moving from the 1 (2017) to an awareness of duality/other. What does this mean for us generally; well obviously we all have our personal numbers, but universally the 2 will have some effect - and sensitivity, globally, is never a bad thing. Personally, I would imagine, it will be more important than ever to find time to meditate and recharge your batteries and sow positive seeds - a vision of a better future.

For December - it is a number 4, i.e. 1 (2017) + 1=2 (month) 3 = 4. So, let us draw upon the grounding effects of 4, without getting to stuck in our ways, and as a good antidote to mercury retrograde. Below is a card from the beautiful Thelema deck that I currently use - the girl in the image is completely focussed on the 'present' and the 'treasure' she owns - the treasure within...


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