• Wiseway, Kathy Johnson

Full steam ahead....

With 5 planets in the fiery, cardinal astrological sign of Aries and the first two weeks having the influence of the air rune Ehwaz, pictured below. This rune is associated with horses - and looks like two horses noses touching, The rune suggests movement but needs to be undertaken in a respectful, cooperative way. It is ruled by the element of earth and is found in the third aeitt of Elder Futhark, which is the transformational level. It is good to have an earth rune, as the rest of picture seems very yang fire/air.

The current month number is April 4 (4th month) + 1 (universal year 2+0+1+7) = 5. In numerology it is ruled by mercury the messenger and is very changeable in nature. As a side note, mercury goes retrograde from the 9 April until the 3 May - and will pass uranus twice in the process. So some fiery, changeable energy in the air. A good time for focussed action a the beginning of the month and as usual, care and attention to detail around the retrograde. With the energy of Uranus, the fiery quality of Aries, and the no 5, it may be a good time for inspiration. But also good to remember to balance our energies with the earth and water elements , such as gardening, walking in nature, being by the sea or having a bath.


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