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2017 Universal a number 1 year & website launch

If you add 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10, which reduces to 1. Last year was a 9 year; a very difficult year for many, both personally and globally. A year of completion and endings; where our trust was truly tested. This year is the start of another 9 year cycle. Even though it is universal, it will still effect us on an individual level. So the number 1 is red in colour and dynamic in nature. A time to focus our intent - look at the shape of the number; it looks like a conduit or a sword. It is really important to listen to our true hearts desire - one of the tests will be to not allow ourselves to be swayed from our path; the number 1 relates to the base chakra, which is of the earth element and is about belonging to the tribe - which gives us a sense of security. Going against the 'norm' and our tribe can challenge this chakra.

The Magician tarot card is a number , and is clearly a conduit for spirit, as he raises his right hand to the sky and brings the energy through to his left hand to manifest is vision.

January 2017 - is a '2' month (add the 1 year to the 1 month) so taking the edge off the '1'' - considering other people and using sensitivity in all matters is key in this month.

In line with the energies of the time, I have decided to launch another website. My previous one was static, although beautifully designed, and at the time great - things have moved on.....


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