What is Indian Head Massage and how will it benefit me?

This deeply relaxing and yet invigorating massage which originated in India, is very much part of Indian daily life.  Gentle yet powerful, the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, scalp and face are massaged and pressure points worked upon.  The recipient remains fully clothed, sitting on a chair, with adequate support.

Benefits include relief from:

  • muscular aches and pains

  • stress related problems

  • scalp tension

  • eye strain, jaw tension, sinusitis

Helping with:

  • detoxification

  • joint mobility

  • feelings of peace and tranquillity

  • clarity of mind and mental fatigue

How long is a treatment and how much?

45 minutes for £35.

Home visits can be arranged at an additional cost of £5, dependent on location.

GIFT VOUCHERS available.

"Just had a divine Indian Head Massage with Kathy. She was so considerate of my needs and what I needed from the massage. Kathy is a thoughtful therapist and went out of her way to ensure my treatment experience was special. I was holding a lot of tension over my shoulders and neck. I felt so relaxed and light after. Thank you so much Kathy."

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