Astrology Readings

The astrology I practise believes that the chart evolves as we ourselves evolve and grow.  At the moment of our birth we are energetically influenced by the position and interaction of the planets in the sky at the time and place we are born.  We ultimately have a choice as to how we work with these energies, but are obviously also influenced by our upbringing. If for example, our talents and strengths are nurtured whilst we grow up, it will help us to be in alignment with our natal blueprint, i.e. our birth chart.


Areas of focus are:

Natal Chart: a look at the blueprint of your chart, giving useful information about your innate talents and strengths and possible areas of challenge and conflict.

Specific areas can be focused on such as, career, relationships, soul purpose, past life and so on.

Transit Charts: a look at the 'here and now', your solar return and other methods - which is a chart taken each birthday when the sun returns to the same degree as your birth date.  These can give an understanding of the current and future energies that you can work with or that may be puzzling or challenging.

Duration: 90 minutes - in person.  

Cost: £60.  This includes a print out of birth charts.

Tarot Readings


Tarot cards are rich in pictorial symbolism and archetypes, which makes it a wonderful spiritual and psychological developmental tool.  After all 'a picture paints a thousand words'.  A reading can help you look at the 'here and now' in areas such as relationship, life purpose, self-development, career and so on.

Duration: 1 hour.  

Cost: £40.


"I have just completed a 1-2-1 Tarot reading course with Kathy at Wiseway. She is an amazing teacher. Her knowledge of the tarot and astrology is really impressive. She is patient, takes time to figure out your strengths and weaknesses as a learner, and explains things in a way you will understand. And I have to say she is one of the best teachers I have ever had (and that includes school, professional training and university)! Highly recommended."

Irene Elliott - Sho Shiatsu

Tarot Tuition

This is flexible, based on possible prior knowledge.  People may need a 6 week course, more or less.  A ball park figure is £30 per 90 minute session.

For information about tarot tuition please contact me via contact form or by telephone.

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