What is Reiki and how can it help?
Reiki is a hands on healing technique, which is transformative, working deeply and profoundly.  
Reiki is pronounced ray-key, which in Japanese means 'universal life force energy.' There have been many studies undertaken that have shown Reiki to be helpful for numerous problems including anxiety and pain management.  People usually experience Reiki as deeply relaxing and comforting.
During a session, I will place my hands on and off the body and allow for the healing energy to balance you. Spiritual insight may also be conveyed to you afterwards.

You will remain fully clothed, lying on the couch or occasionally seated on a chair.  I may use crystals, flower essences, and more in any given treatment.  

How long and how much is a session?
Duration - 1 hour - £45
Home visits can be arranged.
GIFT VOUCHERS available.

Why learn and receive attunements?
As a Reiki Master of the Angelic, Usui and Karuna systems, I am able to attune others to this special energy, so that they can channel for themselves and others, as part of enriching their spiritual path.

Attunements are held in a safe, protected and nurturing space.


Buddha Statue

For an appointment or to find out more.  I offer free 15 minute consultations